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Moda Dünyası

The London Textile Fair

Londra Tekstil Fuarı Marylebone'deki küçük bir yerde John Kelley tarafından 2007 yılında kurulmuştur. Büyük ya da küçük üreticilere eşit fırsatlar sağlamaktadırlar.

The London Textile Fair was established in 2007 by John Kelley at a small club in Marylebone.  At this first fair we had 25 exhibitors set out in two rooms with just tables, chairs, sign and rails. The style and concept has been so successful that it has been continued until today with over 400 exhibitors at the July 2016 exhibition.


We provide each exhibitor with a single stand, chairs, rails and a sign. We ensure that each and every exhibitor is promoted equally in this way.

This simple system reflects the unbelievably low cost for a fair of this importance and our very strict ethos that all exhibitors should be on a level playing field. Whether a large or a small manufacturer the modular format of single tables offers an equal opportunity for all.

All tables are selected via a lottery so there is no possibility of ordering a better position “it’s pot luck”. However we are able within the lottery to put mills together with their agents. We extend this ethos to advertising and produce a simple brochure without a single advert.

Further, we run the fair in a very ‘hands on’ way, employing students studying fashion, where ever we can, to allow them the opportunity to experience the industry first hand.

The Visitors

The majority of  our visitors are from the UK and comprise of some of the most influential buyers and designers from the major high-street retail stores as well as independent designers and buyers from their contract manufacturers.

The Products

What makes the visit of these people so rewarding and cost-effective is the vast range of products on show from over 380 exhibitors.
The Buyers
Buyers who were surveyed at previous events expressed very high levels of satisfaction with the variety, innovation and quality of the products displayed by the exhibitors.

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