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    "Güzel bir kıyafet, iyi bir tavsiye mektubudur."

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    "Her zaman iyi giyimli ol, dinlenirken bile."

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    “Kadın gülümserse tüm kıyafeti gülümser.”

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    "Her zaman iyi giyimli ol, dinlenirken bile."

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Moda Dünyası

MARIE Sixtine'nin Kolleksiyonları

MARIE Sixtine kolleksiyonları Paris'in kalbinde hayal edilir ve tasarlanır.  Doğal, kaliteli ve yumuşak dokusuyla sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz.

Marie sixtine Kolleksiyonlarından;

Brand identity

MARIE SIXTINE sprang to life in 2010 in the chic bohemian quarter of the Saint Martin canal in Paris. Our mission? To reinvent basic fabrics by adding a stylish touch that makes all the difference.

Five years later, MARIE SIXTINE is offering an entire new collection every season centered on fabric, always adding that fashion extra that made its success.

After opening four Paris boutiques, we made a home in 2016 at 5 rue de Charonne, setting up our flagship boutique, creative workshop, showroom, and the highly-exclusive Chez MARIE SIXTINE.


MARIE SIXTINE’s creative team possess the skill and magic touch to combine vintage inspiration with current trends. The cool vibe that exudes from these collections is an expert blend of homewear and streetwear. We love this gorgeous poetic collection comprising feminine, easy-chic designs to suit any mood, any time of day.


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